I have always been one of those people who love simple jewellery that can make or break and outfit. For me, jewellery is my way of expressing myself. I tend to wear a lot of black/navy/white outfits so adding metal or metal effect pieces add an element of class. Orelia Jewellery kindly sent me both the rose gold and silver Hammered Bangles* £22. If you have seen my Pinterest page and previous rose gold posts (here) and (here) then you will know I'm a huge fan of copper and copper effect items. As a blondie, having silver pieces of jewellery stand out against my hair, and in my opinion, silver looks more expensive too.

I love that these bangles come in silver, rose gold and gold. I wear both rose gold and silver the most so I thought it would be a wise decision to pick these. They have a simple clasp so you can open them to put them on, instead of having to squeeze your hand through them like most bracelets. I get joint pain due to hypermobile joints and being able to open the clasp to slide it on instead of slowly putting my hand through not only saves time but also potential pain for me. The clasp doesn't take anything away from the style as you can see, as the overlap is subtle and I adore the rounded edges. The 'hammered' effect makes them look almost hand crafted and remind me of my nan's jewellery that I used to be in awe over when I was younger.

I think for £22 you're getting great quality for a clasped bracelet. The pin has came out slightly in my rose gold bangle as you can see from above but I just slid it back in and it's fine! Since wearing them through April and May they haven't scratched unlike some of my other bracelets I own. I'll admit I am clumsy sometimes and it is my fault, but these Orelia bracelets are fabulous and so far, so good!

Do you own any Orelia jewellery?

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