I am so ready for Summer. It has taken me a while to feel a bit more 'body confident' and whilst I'm not completely happy with my body, you have to embrace it no matter what. For me, my best area is my waist. I've always had a small waist, and high-waisted items have that annoying gap in the back where they don't quite fit my as they are too big, but won't fit my hips otherwise. Elasticated trousers/pants are the way to solve this little issue, and this blue co-ord set from Blue Vanilla is fabulous for those wanting a bit of skin on show, without fully committing to having all your legs or all of your stomach out.

Co-ord - Blue Vanilla* via Etail PR
Sandals - Primark
I rolled the top up a little on these photos. Why? Because I'm 5ft 4 and the top being down completely makes this look like a jumpsuit because I seem to have a small body. The elastic on the bottom of the top means that you can have it at any length that suits you. If you couldn't tell, I adore the colour blue, especially dark and royal blues. For us blondes, they seem to suit us. 
The pattern is very different to my usual tartan or flowers also demonstrated by accident here. I love how it looks very different up close and from afar too, kind of like an illusion. The ends of the trousers (I call them pants, but whatever) have elastic on them too, so they won't go further down than your ankles and won't swap your tiny size 5 feet too...
I braided my hair and wrapped the braids around the back of my hair in a crown-like fashion in order to get my hair out of my face, perfect when it eventually in the UK becomes really hot. The material is light, so although you will be covering up, you won't be too hot. I think it's a great outfit for days where you want to wear your sandals and you don't want to spend ages trying to pick out outfits when a simple co-ord can give you everything you desire in a summer outfit.
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