Skincare has always been a topic I've never been overly confident on. With oily/combination skin, and a bad habit of simply taking makeup off and then moisturising my skin has been crying out for some TLC. The Proactiv+* skincare range has made my skin more healthy, and responds to makeup better since trying out the products for a couple of weeks.

The skincare system was created to target spots and blemishes, hydrate the skin and prevent new breakouts. It aims to "reduce redness, pore size, fade post-blemish marks and even skin tone". Proactiv+ aims to deliver a "more radiant and glowing complexion" from three key ingredients (including salicylic acid), suitable for all skin types.

Skin Smoothing Exfoliator 

This is small beads inside to gently exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin. This is definitely gentle. Sometimes I feel like I needed a deeper exfoliation so will use this along with an exfoliating glove but on days after using this alone is fine. I fine my skin is very tough in the sense that without a good scrub not much touches the surface. It would have been nicer for bigger/rougher beads but this wouldn't be suitable to sensitive skin.

Skin Purifying Mask

If you have time to apply this, you apply to dampened skin and leave on for ten minutes, rinsing with warm water after you have used the exfoliator. I use this about 2-3 times a week as recommended as my skin can fluctuate being oily/combo so if the weather is bad my skin dries out so the mask is needed. Although this can be used as an overnight blemish treatment (after using the hydrator, rinsing with warm water in the morning) I have yet to use it for this purpose since my blemishes seem to come and go fairly quickly.

Pore Targeting Treatment

This facial cream is used to target your pores and reduce them. I noticed a small change in my pore size but since I seem to have ridiculously sized pores, I doubt they will ever shrink up to a tiny size. You don't rinse this product off and once soaked in you then apply the Complexion Perfection Hydrator.

Complexion Perfection Hydrator

I adore this moisturiser in the sense that it stops the dry element of my skin and seems to make my skin stronger. It doesn't encourage spot breakouts nor does it make my skin oily or encourage oil. I have had a nightmare trying to find the correct cream to hydrate my skin whilst keeping oil at bay. This was my favourite element of the skincare regime since I feel it made the most amount of difference.

I quite liked this skincare system. Not only did it get me into a better routine in taking makeup off and thoroughly cleaning and cleansing my skin, but it worked. The whole system is £19.99 and I would pay that again since I know the products worked. If anything I would purchase the hydrator again since that made the most difference in my skin, which I expected anyway. If you have oily/combo skin you should give this a go!

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