I'm such a typical navy/black bag girl and repeadtely buy bags in different sizes in these colours. I had a tan bag once and barely used it, but for the summer those colours don't go with as much. It's all about bright colours, pastels and white, a lot of white. The Hut Group gave me the opportunity to review the Fiorelli Mia Grab Bag £59.00* and I leaped at the opportunity of having a light bag!

Since it is a grab bag you would expect it to be smaller than it actually is. If you give me a huge bag, I will fill it in an instant, name it the heaviest perfume and my whole makeup collection "just in case" in need it. Bags like this are a wonderful size, great for carrying your everyday needs with extra room for bits you might buy when you're out, or an extra lipstick for your date that evening. It has both handbag straps and an over the shoulder strap which you can take off if needed.

There are three compartments to this bag. I put my purse, keys and ID in the back compartment to keep closest to me, and everything else goes in the other two. You get the same amount of space without having everything mixed up. Your shiny new lipstick won't get scratched by your keys, nor will your phone or anything else you need to keep in tip-top shape.

The design is beautiful; the envelope front adds subtle detail which makes it look so much more expensive than £59. On The Hut Group website it is advertised as 'white' but I think it looks more cream/peach which is perfect for me nonetheless (it's not dark!) It will go with almost any outfit, especially with grey and pastel pink which I love for summer fashion.

I can't wait to style this up with future outfits, so keep an eye out for my fashion posts!

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