I've always loved the thought of reviewing a beauty box. I wanted one that was affordable, and one where I could pick the products myself, and keep the cute box it came in. When I saw a discount code for Love Me Beauty I bought one as soon as I could. The concept is great, but I had a few issues.

The Process

So ordering a Love Me Beauty Box is fairly simple. You register online including details of your skin tone, products you're interested in etc. You have 6 credits and you pick the products you want from the Boutique. Fairly simple. You can also buy extra products if you wish. For this box I didn't buy any extra products. I chose various products including nail varnish, eyeliner, lipstick and skincare products. The "second box" however, didn't work out so well. I spoke to someone from the Customer Service team and said I wanted to switch from a one box subscription and pre-pay for multiple boxes at a cheaper price. The person switched me over to this service and I ordered my second box including paying £9 for some Too Faced samples. The box never came.

The Products

The products in this box were absolutely fine, small samples that I got along really well with. I love that you can choose from brands such as Nails Inc, Benefit Cosmetics, Too Faced, Lord & Berry and other well known brands. The products change each month allowing you to change the products you wish from skincare, nail care and beauty if you feel like it! You can choose all nail varnishes or all lip products if you wanted.

I can't even tell you how disappointed I was when I asked where my box was. Apparently it hadn't been processed, even though I did exactly what I did the previous time. Those Too Faced samples have now gone and I can't get the samples elsewhere. There aren't any samples on the Love Me Beauty website that I would be interested in at the moment either. For these reasons, I chose not to purchase another box.

The Customer Service

The person I spoke to online was lovely. He switched my account and it was in place just like I asked. I emailed this person and told them that it would question me buying another and I never got a reply. Due to the lack of reply, it furthered my choice not to buy another box. From my perception (this may not have been the case) it looked like when I was interested in purchasing, the customer service was great, but when I had a problem I didn't receive a reply. My email could have just gone to the junk folder (unlikely since it was a thread) or they just read it and forgot to reply. I won't say I will never buy a box again, but it won't be for a little while.

Do you have a favourite subscription box?

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