As a teenager going through about 20 phones before I went onto a contract, I used to love getting new phone cases. Some included stuck on gems, some had mad designs (I even had a Playboy one in year 8!) and some were just weird. As I got older I decided to stick to more simple designs so I couldn't get bored of them. I had one iPhone case which was rose gold around the outsides and I was happy with it. My best friend bought me one with tons of photos on for my 21st and I adore it too. I like to switch a few cases around now, and when Iconemesis offered to let me review one of their cases, I leaped at the chance. I chose the Cat Sims Feathers case for iPhone 5*.
My favourite colours are white and blue so it seemed silly not to have this case. It's a bright white case with what looks like drawn on blue feathers and it is so pretty! My iPhone 5s is white anyway so it matched perfectly. I would find it really hard to get bored of this on my phone since it isn't too distracting and isn't a typical 'girly' case so I imagine a lot of people will enjoy it.
You know what is the best about this case though? The edges. For someone so fussy with things I adore how smooth they are! It feels almost like marble but isn't heavy. I don't get an awkward dent in the side of my hands when I've been on Pinterest for 5 hours straight. I didn't even know I could favour a phone case for being particularly smooth but I am seriously impressed. So Smooth!

I think it goes with everything too. It's not exactly neon orange and yellow and jumps out. I would describe myself as a realistic with positive hopes and dreams and this case sums me up well. As an introvert I particularly enjoy the subtle feather design. Since the case is made with a glossy finish it won't be stained or scratched too.
Iconemesis also sell cases for iPhone 5c, 6 and 6 Plus and this case is currently on sale for £5, bargain!