Since I was little I admired Britney Spears like no other. I had her albums on tape and CD and listened to them until I fell asleep. I was quite a girly girl and looked up to her as a role model ever since her first single. When her first fragrance came to the UK when I was about 12 I picked it up and loved it. Used every last drop and then fell out of love with perfumes and went onto body sprays (bad decision). Now Britney has released her latest fragrance in her collection, Rocker Femme Fantasy* which is sold by The Fragrance Shop.

I was intrigued to see whether the scent lived up to my expectations and potentially bring back a sense of nostalgia from 10 years ago. This is a limited edition fragrance and the packaging reminds me a little of Avril Lavigne, another fan of mine when I was a pre-teen (and forever since, kinda).

The bottle is the same shape as a lot of the fragrances by Britney, with studs around the circular bottle, a chain-like top middle and a shiny top. I love the ombre effect too. It's simple, and the shape of the bottle will forever remind me that it is Britney's fragrance, clever marketing there! Pink and black together aren't the typical 'perfume' colours so I adore that this stands out from the crowd, envisaging the idea of having a more rock and roll personality.

There are notes of blackberry liqueur and coconut and you can tell instantly it was a lovely floral scent with a twist. I always head straight towards floral scented perfumes since I think they reflect both my personality and age. I'm young and looking for something fresh to make me smell lovely and last all day, and this delivers. It isn't as pungent as the "Fantasy" Eau De Parfum I had many years ago but nonetheless lasts all day. You can tell from spraying it that there is coconut involved and almost makes silky in a way. I would wear this for everyday use and sometimes in the evenings if I wanted to mix things up a little.

The Line
I'm not a stranger to celebrity fragrance and it certainly doesn't put me off purchasing another. As long as the scent is great and I enjoy it then that's all that matters. Rocker Femme Fantasy is a lovely perfume for summer and it will be coming with me to Spain when I go in August!

Rocker Femme Fantasy is currently on offer for £25 from £40 at the Fragrance Shop now.

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