If you follow my on Pinterest or Instagram, you'll know I am a massive fan of rose gold, especially rose gold jewellery. As a blonde I don't really wear gold since it clashes, so wearing silver jewellery all the time can get a little boring. Rose gold is the perfect 'in between' and offers a pink coloured gold which can compliment any complexion. I was kindly sent some pieces by Jewellery Box which not only featured the beautiful metal but also an arrow necklace which I absolutely adore. They came in this adorable brown paper box with little clips on the inside to secure them in place - a cute touch!

For some reason I have this love of arrows - whether that be because I'm intrigued as to what is to come from the future, or a sign that I'm determined to put a not-so-happy past behind me. The necklace is very dainty and subtle, but incredibly pretty. I'm planning on adding some rose gold into my graduation outfit on the 9th July this year and I imagine this will be my first choice, subtly complimenting my white Topshop dress and pale blue heels from New Look. At £8.80 it is a lovely addition to my necklace collection.

I was so happy to see some studs in here! I have my lobes pierced three times in each ear and for some reason I always leave the bottom holes without earrings in "just in case" I see a nice pair of earrings to put in. I will no doubt be buying some more of these so I can have rose gold earrings in permanently in all three holes since I don't really change the earrings. These are 9ct 3mm studs, not too big but not too small to dip through the holes which my current ones do already. These come in silver and gold too if you're not as into rose gold as I am. At £15.50 they're affordable for rose gold metal lovers.

The final pair are quite similar to the studs but are pull through earrings - you put the straight part through the holes and they dangle from the front. I originally thought that they might have needed a butterfly on the back to keep them in place but since they're pretty light you don't need them. I'm thinking of wearing these to my graduation too potentially since they are a classy way of wearing non-stud earrings without looking too in your face. These are only £4.80 to purchase.

Thank you to Jewellery Box for my pieces, I can't wait to wear them!

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