If you weren't already aware, I have worked as an assistant in a family salon a few moons ago. I used to change my hair colour whenever I felt like it (a glimpse of this is here!). Whenever I went back blonde I was desperate for an even hair colour and no orange tones. I naturally have ash blonde hair, it's basically a grey-blonde and I suit slightly lighter hair. Apart from using a purple toner to dull down brassy tones and encourage cool tones, I used to religiously use a purple shampoo.

I've tried quite a few, and two brands sell the best. L'oreal, and Provoke. I received these Provoke Touch of Silver products* to test out and show you the results. I am an official VIB (very important blonde) and I'm so excited to rejoin my journey of eliminating orange elements from my blonde hair. I have subtle highlights that cross over from being balayage to ombre so I'll be testing over time multiple Touch Of Silver products to see which works best on my hair. Since I received these shampoos and conditioners to try, Touch Of Silver have developed new products which will be in an upcoming post! 

Anyway, I wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo once or twice a week to get all the dirt and grease out, then I follow on with either the Daily Maintenance Shampoo then the Daily Nourish Conditioner, or when my hair needs a bit of a lift, I use the Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo then with the Intensive Treatment Conditioner. I wash my hair about twice a week - I naturally have dry curly hair so luckily for me I don't have to spend hours a month washing my hair. I don't think I've ever washed my hair 'every other day' let alone daily, so I end up using the Twice A Week shampoo about three times a month instead. You see the problem for me reviewing hair products?

As much as I love these products, I am very excited to try the new range out to see if it differs! This includes a pre-wash primer, dry shampoo and what is known in the hair industry as "Botox for hair". I will fill you in soon with all to come, but if you have a cheeky look at my Instagram you can see the new products on offer!

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