Let me put this out there before we get onto the nitty gritty - I am a major wuss with my eyebrows. I was using a Nair hair remover that dissolved the hair which worked fine until it went out of date. I've had my eyebrows waxed before and it gives the longest lasting result in comparison to plucking or removing the hairs with a cream. I can't sit there and pluck my eyebrows though, it makes my eyes stream and with a lot of eyebrow hair I just can't do it. I bought this Veet Precision Wax & Care from my local Tesco last month to try out before taking some outfit photos so my eyebrows were defined and neat.

I followed the instructions just as it said and applied it to the hairs, used a fabric strip and pulled exactly as directed. It removed about three hairs. I repeated the process on each eyebrow until I'd used about 8 strips and had used a fair amount of wax. It barely looked like it had pulled any hairs out. So I decided to give it a go on another day to see if it would work again. It didn't. After two separate days and using nearly all of the fabric strips my eyebrows didn't look like they had had any wax anywhere near them and I was £8 down which could have been spent on getting them waxed professionally in a salon.

Don't get me wrong, I am all up for getting them waxed by a professional but since I have waxed eyebrows in the past I knew what I was doing. The wax isn't sticky or strong enough to rip the hairs out. I though since you can use this multiple times I could take it on holiday with me too but I definitely won't bother trying this out a third time. It's not worth aggravating my skin over. 

The aftercare cream is absolutely fine and does the perfect job of cooling down the area and moisturising it to make sure your skin isn't too red. It doesn't affect makeup application either which is always good when you're in a rush after you've spent 20 minutes trying to rip your stray brow hairs out. I've definitely learned my lesson and will go back to the hair removal cream, at least that doesn't hurt!

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