Aside from the festivals and holidays, whether you're at home or on a road trip, music makes your summer. No matter who you are or what type you listen to, making the perfect playlist can make the season more enjoyable. For me, I create multiple playlists so I don't get too bored. Before going to a festival I create a playlist full of all the bands I want to see so I can learn the lyrics in time. For a holiday I add more upbeat tunes which especially helps whilst packing. For at home, I listen to a large mix of music with the knowledge that I can change the song with the power of a button. Having a wireless speaker system helps, such as the Panasonic wireless speakers with the app that allows you to control your music from your phone or tablet.
To listen to music I tend to plug my phone into my speakers in my living room, but now the sun is out I want to be out in the garden and want to take my music with me. The problem I have is I have to leave my phone plugged into the speaker to listen to my music outside. The ideal alternative to this is for a wireless speaker to keep your perfect summer tunes on while you relax in the sun. You can't listen to all of your favourite songs at one time and with each activity comes a different playlist. Here are my top summer genres to make playlists for:


Your favourite bands playing all in one place. You can learn the lyrics before you go so when you're seeing the songs played live you can sing along.


A mix of the latest dance songs and the best hits released in the past few years are the perfect way to enhance your holiday experience.

Old School

Although I was born in the early 90's I love listening to music from the 60's onwards. Featuring music from a range of decades that were summer hits makes sure people of all ages listen too.


Since I was little I've enjoyed listening to rock music. Nobody around me played it but if you gave me the remote I would sit and watch Kerrang on TV all day long. I could never get bored of rock since it is so upbeat with a lot of drums and guitar to add a bit of depth to a song.

Top 40

This is a given really but I really enjoy listening to the current top 40 hits in the UK. With a range of different genres and tempos there really is something for everyone. The top 40 during the summer has a few dance songs, some pop and some more down to earth songs - perfect for a BBQ.
Wireless speakers have been around for quite a while now, but if you really want to make the most of your music you need a decent speaker. The Panasonic wireless speaker lets you control your music via an app, so you can place the speaker inside your home and sunbathe in the garden listening to music, changing the song when you feel like it. Even though its a compact speaker, it produces a clear sound with rich bass to deliver the highest quality for your music. 
What is your favourite summer playlist?
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