As one of the new Product Testing Beauty Bloggers I gained the opportunity to review one of Makeup Revolution's new brushes; the Contour Brush*. As you can see from my photo I have a fair few makeup brushes already but as a brand I really enjoy using Makeup Revolution's products as you might be able to tell if you read my blog regularly. I've been working with them for over a year reviewing their beauty products but hadn't seen their brushes yet. The brush I'm reviewing today is their F105 Contour Brush (£3.49) which is made from synthetic hair and is vegan friendly I believe.

The brush is slanted to fit the shape of your cheeks and is best used with a powder product. The brush blends in bronzer delicately with the soft synthetic brushes. It's not one of those brushes where you rigorously use the brush to blend a product in so it looks incredibly natural due to the nature of the bristles. For this reason I like to use the brush instead to apply blush or highlight. For me, as a blonde gal, contouring must be doing to blend in flawlessly. I like using a stiffer brush to really 'get in there' and work away at the product to remove harsh lines for a natural looking glow.
I've started using this brush for my blusher on a daily basis as it packs on the right amount of product to really build up a blush for a rosy complexion. The shape of the brush fits the apples of my cheeks and you can blend the small amount of product seamlessly into the cheek. To highlight, I dip this in my Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Palette and sweep the lightest shade all across the top of my cheekbones and under my brow bone. Just make sure you wash it in between using different products.
To wash the F105 Contour Brush I use my Mac Brush Cleanser and swirl it around then wash under warm water. It's important to dry your brush tilted downwards on a towel so any remaining water doesn't wear away the glue holding the bristles to your handle. This will then make sure you can use your brush for longer without having to buy a new one! Overall I do prefer to use this for blush and highlight, since it is a softer brush it doesn't have as greater impact to really buff in a product but is perfect for giving you a rosy glow!
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