I don't like to discuss the negative aspects of my skin but sometimes it has to be done in order to find a solution. On one side of my family there has been acne and another there has been clear skin. This explains my skin. I started to get spots about the age of 12 before everyone else did and I was bullied for it throughout high school, despite me never telling anyone. I wore a full face of makeup when I started Year 8 just before I turned 13 and have done ever since. Aside from my uneven complexion and combination skin, I have scars from trying to get rid of spots quickly which isn't good. From the past few months, I've actually started to get back acne or bacne as I call it. I needed a fast solution and when I had the chance to review Dermatique's Recuperating Cream* £29.50 I lept at it, especially for my back.

The cream was created to restore hydration to the skin and to heal it at the same time. So aside from my spots, I have terribly sensitive skin. The day after I have shaved my legs, they become itchy until I make my legs bleed/produces tiny heat spots. It is a total nightmare and it knocks my self confidence like no other. After shaving and for the day after I apply this all over my body and the feeling of "aaaahhhh" overwhelms me. It's so refreshing to not have itchy or spotty skin! The formula isn't greasy so even if you apply it to your face it won't encourage spots there too.

For my back, it doesn't completely clear it up as the Recuperating Cream doesn't have steroids in it which would typically clear up your complexion. Aside from the brand Avene (the Xera calm cream does the same trick for my itchy legs) I haven't came across another brands that stops my legs feeling red raw or me trying to restrain myself from scratching. It is lovely to be able to apply this and know that I can wear a skirt will feel fine! 

Overall I am really impressed with this cream and will be continuing to use it until I run out. The fact that it can reduce spots, scarring and heal skin makes it worth the money if I were to purchase the cream myself.

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