After graduating from uni last month I've been looking into continuing my uni series to help others, and as they say, a little bit of help can go a long way. There are a few things I wish I had been told about how to prepare for uni and how to prepare for my future, so here are my tips.

Visit your guidance tutor/mentor
You usually get assigned a guidance tutor in your first week of uni and they're supposed to help you through university. I asked to meet my tutor over email and on both of our parts it just didn't happen. On the occasion where I emailed to ask for help he gave me an email address for someone else. This happened a lot during uni as you're expected to find answers out for yourself. If you're struggling with writing (not learning) then seeing your guidance tutor is probably the best thing to do.

Understanding things
This links to the first point - going over things by yourself and with others can help a lot. Having a study group or a revision session with people can clear up questions you have in your head that may not be answered by your tutors. Your guidance tutor may point you in the right direction but the best advice would be to ask a friend, and if they don't know then you can work out the answer together.

Ask for help
Aside from tutors and friends there are people on campus to help. There are older students who work with younger students who can give advice, there should be a counselling office where you can get help and a disability office too. If you need advice with money, extenuating circumstances with exams/coursework or you just need a bit of friendly advice - they are the best people to turn to. Once daytime ends and the offices close, if you find yourself in need then a lot of universities have a phone service where volunteers can answer your questions, however serious they may be. The 'real' world may not take things like mental health seriously but there is a high chance your uni will, so don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Fix your CV
I can't stress how important it is to have your CV up to date with your education, skills and hobbies, especially when it comes to your final year. The graduate schemes go online for application from September onwards and you may only have a few weeks to apply. This an be tricky when you're balancing assignments and Winter exams. If you keep it up to date every few months then you're less likely to miss those job application deadlines, in turn keeping you a little more relaxed. There should be a careers adviser on campus so see them if you're struggling.

Look for a job early
Again, this goes with the above point. I've graduated with no career to go into and now have to wait until Autumn to apply for graduate jobs for the following year, whilst trying to find work to tide me over until then. Don't wait until you find your results out to apply for jobs. The earlier you apply, the stress is off your back for a while and it makes a good impression to future employers if you get your application in quick. I know a lot of graduates that struggle to find jobs because there are simply not enough, but if you get stuck in my situation then don't give up hope. You'll find your feet.

Here's an example of how you can get help in uni:

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