As a candle lover and girly girl I love making my room pretty. This not only through clean, fresh colours but through scents too. In all honesty I couldn't cope without having some candles to light as they help me relax and make my room smell gorgeous. Party Lite sent me two of their upcoming candles for September in Peach Honey Citronella and Cherry Blossom to review.

Party Lite offers a range of different fragrances and candles to brighten people's homes and they are a party plan business. This means that people can attend or even host their own parties to share the candle range with friends and family. You can view products online and order products from their website too with an online consultant.

The candles are very true to scent, both before lighting and after. I've always been curious as to which scents come across as the strongest since I started buying candles. Obviously the cheaper you go there won't be as strong a scent, time burning or quality of wax as something more expensive. From using a lot of Yankee Candles I discovered that there are only a few scents that really make your whole house smell which is disappointing, especially as the strongest in my opinion is a Christmas candle of theirs. I was pleasantly surprised that these candles make your whole room smell and lit together their smell very floral and fruity, yet not overpowering. I know that some people don't react well to scented candles and someone in my family ended up with a headache but that goes for every type of scented candle.

I was surprised at how well the name of the candle matched the scent and of course I requested a fruity/floral scent instead of something spiced as I can't stand those types of smells. There are plenty more scents coming up in September so if you're interested in Party Lite candles then head over to their website to look through the online magazine. They really do smell beautiful.

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