Whilst I don't regret most things I've done in life, simply because life is too short, I do regret one thing. My 'tattoo'. Aged 18 I decided with a friend whilst my parents were on holiday that in the last few weeks before we all jetted off to uni that I would dye my hair pink and get a tattoo. I didn't know what to get and I wanted it to be quick, concealed and over with. I chose a tiny cross and had it done on my side where my bra would usually lie. 

However it wasn't done properly as it is patchy and doesn't sit right when I move my arm. Normally you would have your arm across yourself when getting a tattoo there but my arm was up, so now if I move my arm across it goes completely wonky. Whilst I do regret it, it doesn't have to be there forever. In the future I would leap at the chance of getting my tattoo removed. In fact, Pulse Light Clinic down in London even offered for me to have it removed but being in Liverpool makes it impossible for me to get down multiple times without having a job. Had I been in London already I definitely would have had the procedure done. Aside from getting a cover up, which would be pricey regardless would be tricky, but I would find it hard to trust myself to get something I then wouldn't regret in the future. My best friend has multiple tattoos and seems to plan multiple ones out in advance but I'm definitely not as adventurous! 

It takes up to 6 treatments to fully remove a tattoo but this can be closer to 2/3 for a really small tattoo. With the Picosure treatments, Pulse Light Clinic offer a free consultation and free laser tattoo removal patch test to see if you match the requirements. They have appeared on Channel 5's Spike TV's Tattoo Disasters UK programme and there is a video on the website if you want a watch! The treatments are faster and more effective that other methods, claiming to be tough on blue and green inks which are known for being stubborn to remove. Luckily, my tattoo is plain black so would not be a problem anyway but it is reassuring to know that my tattoo could be near enough invisible after being treated.

Should I eventually get a job I will make the trip to Pulse Light Clinic to have a Picosure consultation because the sooner I can get my 'tattoo' lasered off the quicker!

Have you had a tattoo removed?

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