I'm not one to be super excited about skincare products but last month whilst I was shopping in Waitrose I saw these and just had to buy them. They are from the new Waitrose Pure collection - the Eye Make Up Remover Lotion (£1.99) and the Skin Tonic (£2.99). I'm not one of those people who can spend an hour cleansing and hydrating their face every day, but I'm also not a huge fan of using makeup wipes. I am however, a lover of cotton pads and things that don't require water to break down my makeup.

I have blonde eyelashes and making sure I have mascara right at the root of my lashes is essential. If I don't, I have weird gaps and two toned lashes. We all know that not removing your eye makeup can lead to nasty infections that isn't healthy or glamorous. I decided to pick up the eye makeup remover lotion and have a play with it to see how well it worked. First of all, you need a pad with this lotion on for each eye which isn't too bad. The lotion is Vegan friendly and dermatogically approved meaning it doesn't contain anything nasty and is good for sensitive skin. With this, you only need a tiny amount of product or it will get into your eye - I learned the hard way. For £1.99 it won't break the bank and it works, what more could I ask for?

After I've removed all my makeup, usually using my trusty Bioderma Sensibio, I go in with the Waitrose Pure Skin Tonic. This is also Vegan friendly. It moisturises and refreshes my skin and I prefer to use it just before bed. I have oily-combination skin and this reduces the oil in my skin without drying it out. I've found out that no matter how much Bioderma I use, the Skin Tonic always picks up the remaining amounts too which is always a plus! There is nothing worse than thinking you've gotten rid of everything and you haven't. I suppose that's why people double cleanse! For £2.99 it is another product that won't break the bank and is good for your skin.

I didn't know Waitrose were passionate about creating their own skincare range until I noticed the Pure collection. They have balms and all sorts so next time I'm in the big Chester store I'll be picking up the other bits from this collection. Definitely worth the money and the eye makeup remover has proven better quality than the drugstore versions I've used and about £6 cheaper too.

Have you tried any of Waitrose's Pure Skincare?

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