Having had to stare at these tans for a while, waiting for my natural tan to fade from holiday, it was worth the wait to test these fake tans on my natural pale skin. I have ivory coloured skin but having been abroad and in the sun over the years, places like my arms and stomach are a lot more tanned than my face and legs. I knew it was best to wait until my skin was at its palest to test these all properly! It takes time to test fake tans - waiting for them to dry, letting it develop, wearing it out and then scrubbing it off. Then you have to exfoliate and do the process again and again with different products, so apologies for those who have been waiting for this post for a little while.
Anatomicals Sienna X Bronzing Mousse Fake Bake 60 Minutes PHD Self tanner fake tan

Anatomicals No More White Bits* (£4.00)

This is a mousse which claims to cover every white part of your body and turn it into a long lasting, dark tan. It is definitely buildable and I'm glad I didn't put too many layers on otherwise I would have looked quite hilarious. It dried quickly and it didn't streak which was good, but I did find next to my light blonde hair, I would have preferrred a medium shade to test. Super tanned skin next to really light hair can look a little odd, especially in the hairline! The colour would look beautiful next to darker hair though. It developed within about four hours which I can't complain about! For the price you're getting an absolute bargain.

Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse* (£20.79)

This is another mousse product which I'm not sure if I prefer next to liquids but I think the formula of this tan was easy to apply. Sienna X do have liquid tans if you prefer that, and the smell was nicer than the Anatomicals mousse. The colour felt more deep and complimentary to both my complexion and my hair. You know when you wear "no makeup makeup" well this was the tan equivalent. It felt more like "my skin but better" but colour wise, if you know what I mean. I'd definitely use this tan again.

Fake Bake 60 Minutes Self-Tan (£21.20)

The Fake Bake tan is in a liquid formula and you use a tanning mitt to buff the tan into your skin in a circular motion, resulting in a lower chance of products streaks or missing patches. I did have to get Andy to help me apply this to my back as I was a little scared of spraying it onto my hair and not being able to get it out. Again, this tan looked natural and develops within 60 minutes which is easier for a lot of people when tanning. Having to wait hours when you're desperate to be tanned (in the safe variety) can be annoying so this is the perfect alternative to this. It dries quickly without it being sticky and upon rinsing it off it looks very natural. You could definitely build this up if you wished without looking darker than you aim for.

PHD Never Miss A Spot* (£19.99)

This has a long wand applicator to reach all areas and is great for applying the mist to your back. I was apprehensive that I wouldn't get an even tan but it worked out alright! It looked the most natural out of all of the tans I tried as my skinned looked glowing and healthy in comparison to simply being a darker shade. The downside is that you're next to anything that could get stained, there is a big chance you'll stain it since it product's formula is a mist. 
Overall, I quite liked all of these tans and will probably use each for different occasions. The Fake Bake will probably be used for a quick tan before an event, Anatomicals before a night out, Sienna X when I have plenty of time to let my tan settle and PHD for when the weather isn't too cold for me to apply it outside!
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