It's always been a pain as a female to have to regularly shave for numerous reasons. Even though I'm fair skinned with blonde hair, I can go a couple of days without being able to notice the hairs growing back. I still enjoy having smooth skin on my legs and you can't achieve that unless you are shaving constantly. I don't always have the time in the morning to shave my legs or I end up missing a strip on my leg from rushing to get it done. Having the hair lasered off would give me more time to get ready in the morning, and by that I mean more time in bed, and I'd have smooth legs too. 

I have fairly sensitive skin so it can become really irritating and itchy after consistent shaving. I use a men's facial razor as it gives a much closer shave and I don't cut myself half as much. Razor blades get blunt which means costs of replacing them is eating into my makeup fund. I've also had to get prescription cream to help soothe my legs after using a blunt razor which isn't ideal. I'm at a constant battle with putting money into fresh razors and saving money towards better things. Wouldn't it be so much easier not to have to worry about shaving ever again?

After a few laser treatments those worries about when to replace your razor blades or what time I'm going to have to shave before I go out will be a thing of the past. Pulse Light Clinic offer a free consultation and patch test to make sure that you are suitable for the treatment. They cater to both men and women of all skin types so this shouldn't be much of a problem. There are 3 different machines available and they use the best one to match your skin. It's nice to see they can cater to those with light body hair as you don't often see it with laser treatments. 

In the future I'm definitely going to consider laser hair removal as I could be hair free on my body, not my head for the rest of my life in 4-8 treatments which seems like small amount of time having it done in comparison to the time you would spend shaving. Depending on how large the area you'll be getting the laser treatment on and how many treatments you need will alter the price. Despite this, prices start from £35 and there are finance options available to those who don't want to pay the lump sum up front. They also offer packages for multiple treatments too. Eventually when I do decide to go ahead with laser treatment, I'll definitely be making the most of having multiple areas done. I'd be hair free from the neck down if I could!

I always thought that laser hair removal would be a goal I'd never be able to achieve as I am aware that it does cost a fair bit of money, and isn't something you'd get done cheaply since there are lasers involved. If anyone does decided to get their body hair removed, no matter what area, make sure you definitely want it, as the more treatments you have the less hair will grow back. As well as getting my tattoo removed in the future, this is another thing on the bucket list to achieve once I've got a job sorted! If you want more information check out City Hair Removal too!

Would you ever get laser treatments?

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