I know you might have been expecting my other half to be writing another one of her Blogtober posts but unfortunately Laura has been ill today and hasn't been up to blogging so I offered to do a guest post for her to keep her Blogtober going! Having officially moved to Liverpool at the start of August, I've really grown to like the city. I thought I would do a quick post on the reasons I like living in Liverpool.

Down by the Albert Dock is such a nice area and gives you a chance to relax after you have been in the hustle and bustle of the shops. There are museums, cafe's and other things to look round while wandering round the docks. I love how close it is to the city centre and the other shops as you can walk straight through from the main shopping area. 

As I mentioned before about the shops, Liverpool ONE and the other main shopping streets have so many great places to shop. This means you can head to town in the know that you can get whatever you need in all one place and don't have to travel to other areas. 

Another thing I really like about Liverpool is the amount of parks it has. Before I moved here I never thought it would be so green, with many of the roads being lined with trees. Being able to travel to areas such as Sefton Park or Calderstones Park within a short drive is great for just getting away to relax from the busy areas. Going here on a sunny summers day is great, and I'm also looking forward to wandering round during Autumn with the changing colours of the trees. 

As I've only been here a month I haven't been able to be part of some of the events that go on within the city, but having visited a few times before I have seen numerous pop up events on the top of Liverpool ONE or in the centre such as a beach in the summer or an ice bar and ice rink in the winter. 

One big thing I have noticed is the really sense of pride within the city, as people are really proud to come from Liverpool, and I can see why. It's great to be living here and being part of the dynamic and vibrant city!

So there are a few of my reasons for really enjoying living here.

Have you ever been to Liverpool? What do you like about the city?