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Okay, hands up, I may have forgotten to include one of the brushes from this set in the photographs. Clearly I was too focused on getting the layout the exact way I wanted and missed out the eyeliner brush, but you'll forgive me. Right? These are the Strokes Of Genius Brushes by L.A.B.2* £18.99 which consists of an eyeshadow brush, a brow & lash groomer, a crease brush, a brow & eyeliner brush and the pointed eyeliner brush. They are similar in price to the Real Techniques eye set but have a simple black design which look more professional. The brushes are made from synthetic fibers and use Fiberluxe technology to ensure the bristles are soft, creating a flawless finish.

The pointed eyeliner brush is great when working with a pot of gel eyeliner to create a sleek, feline winged eye. For me, I prefer a felt tip liner as I have shaky hands and it simply makes it easier. The tip of this brush is fairly thin, making it easier to build up your eyeliner and create a precise line, The brow and lash groomer has a love/hate relationship with me. Personally I would have preferred these in two brushes and not to be double ended as I stand my makeup brushes up and I tend to forget about the spoolie on the other end since the brush/comb combo has to be at the top since it's bigger at that end.

Before finding the crease brush by L.A.B.2. I was using a Makeup Revolution double ended brush (again, much to my demise) from a palette they sold. I was delighted to see that this one is slightly bigger and can create a pretty cut crease look on the eyes to frame them, which is especially useful if you have hooded eyes like me. I bring up my crease higher than the hood to make my eyes look bigger. This is probably my favourite brush out of the set. Paired with the eyeshadow brush which is wider than the average brush, can create a beautiful look - whether it be "no makeup makeup" or an intense smokey eye.

Finally, the brow and eyeliner brush is slanted so that you can work with the curves in your face without contorting your wrist into an odd shape to get the perfect wow brows. For me, I prefer to use this on my brows, after using a brow wax (my fave is from Benefit) and dipping into a light brown shadow to create natural looking brows on my nearly invisible ones. Overall, for £18.99 for five brushes is pretty decent these days considering not everyone can afford the lastest Nars brushes for £26 for a single brush. I'm going to keep my eye on the other brushes since I was quite impressed with the quality and finish they produced.

Have you tried any L.A.B.2 brushes?
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