I'm a huge jewellery lover. I really enjoy wearing rings and the occasional bracelet to glam up an outfit. Orelia Jewellery* have always been a big favourite of mine, especially since you can buy their products online and also in Topshop. They're always super considerate to bloggers and provide good quality jewellery to make you crave more.

Follow Your Dreams Bracelet (£15)

This bracelet has gold plating and says "Follow Your Dream" which I think is super cute. It's one size to fit all and the fit can be changed by the clasp at the back of the bracelet. I love these thin bracelets since they can add a small touch of glam to your outfit or just dress up a casual tee and jeans. For £15 it's such good quality, as most of these style bracelets in jewellers tend to be £70+ (as I know, since I have a Guess one). If it was me, I wouldn't spend more than £20 on a bracelet like this since there are so many around, so Orelia have hit the nail on the head with the pricing of this for the quality.

Minimalist Geo Ring Pack (£25)

You get three 18ct gold plated rings which can be stacked or worn alone from this pack. They feature cubic zirconia crystal detailing in various shapes.  If I'm wearing rings I do tend to stack them or have near enough every finger covered and these type in well with the other ring too. I never used to wear gold jewellery since I have blonde hair, but I'm warming up to it a lot. The band of the rings are super slim to allow for stacking and it's nicer to not have something super thick on, especially when you're wearing a lot of rings.

Open Stone Ring (£15)

I saved the best until last. The green/blue glass in this ring is absolutely stunning. When I saw it for the first time I was blown away by how beautiful it looks. The detailing is simple but effective and despite adoring the colour blue I don't think I've ever owned a blueish featured ring before. I've received so many compliments when wearing it so it's a good investment! For £15 you really can't complain.

Have you worn Orelia pieces?

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