I wanted to see whether I was able to complete my list before I turned 22 on the 19th October. I made this list being pretty optimistic given that the majority of this year I was in my final year of uni without a job, so well done past Laura. I think it's obvious I didn't complete the list!

1. Start driving lessons.

I still haven't even got my provisional so there is a bad start. I do want to start driving really bad but it's another money thing. I'd prefer to put the money towards a flat/house at the moment.

2. Try out a Nars product.

I achieved this! I bought the Nars Illuminator in Hot Sand and loved it. Even though it's getting a bit colder I love a good glow to the skin. I am still yet to try a Nars blusher though!

3. Go on a trip somewhere I haven't been before.

We went to Alicante in August. I hadn't been to mainland Spain before and I know it's not what I intended on the original post but it counts, right?

4. Get healthier.

Nope. Not a chance. My health isn't as good as it was last year due to being diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I did go to the gym whilst I was in uni but since being home I haven't had as much luck!

5. Start a Youtube Channel.

I have a channel! Andy and myself set a joint one up to document our travels which you can find here. We've only got one video up at the moment but have filmed some others that just need to be edited.

6. Get my own domain.

As you can see I achieved this haha! I love having my own blog address. It isn't needed by any means, but I feel like it makes my blog look a bit more professional.

7. Buy a decent camera.

Since learning how to use Andy's camera I haven't needed to get my own one yet. If you look back a year ago at my photos compared to now, there is a huge difference! Learning how to use Photoshop has really helped too.

8. Buy a Michael Kors Bag & Purse.

Although I never actually bought my bag (thanks Mum) or purse (thanks Andy), I do have them and have been in love ever since. I don't bother with other bags or purses now so definitely a good investment on their behalf.

9. Have over 2,000 blog followers.

My Bloglovin' followers have barely increased in the past year and I'm not too sure why. My combined followers have increased by tenfold though.

10. Completed my operations on my foot.

I haven't had an operation since April 2014 and although I'm coping, it isn't ideal. It doesn't bother me too much though and it definitely would not be on my list for things to do before I'm 23.

11. Own a Tiffany ring.

Yes I did hint hint to Andy. This really doesn't bother me that it hasn't happened yet as we're both on the same page and happy for it to happen whenever! 

12. Have a graduate job.

I really did not realise how hard finding a graduate job would be. It was super tough and I didn't get anywhere. I definitely have had a change in heart about what I want to do (now Digital/Social Media Marketing) instead of just accepting whatever comes my way.

13. Bake a lemon drizzle.

I achieved this and it was amazing. Although the loaf tin method is preferred by most, a round cake really gets the drizzle all the way through the cake. Just in case you were wondering.

14. Get fit.

Yeah, that never happened.

15. Learn more Spanish.

Not sure if teaching my Dad how to say more than "two beers please" in Spanish really counts as learning more. Maybe refreshing my knowledge?

16. Try a beauty product I think I won't like.

I've been a lot more open minded about beauty products as I've began trying and testing more out. I thought I would love cream eyeshadows but I don't. I thought I would hate cream contouring but I don't. You definitely have to try things out before wearing them for a big occasion though...

17. Conquer a fear.

Could I half cross this out? I actually walked over the bridge I hate in Newcastle. Once. I mean I wouldn't do it again but I'm not as scared.

18. Attend a blogging event.

I attended the NWMeet organised by Katy & Sam which was fab! I was super nervous going because although I may seem quite a chatty person, nerves do get the better of me sometimes. Katy and Sam did a fantastic job of organising the event and I'd definitely go to one of their events again.

19. Tour America.

I don't even care about crossing this off because we're going to Los Angeles in April 2016! I won a trip over on Twitter with Soletrader and Adidas and I'm taking Andy with me! I'll be blogging/vlogging about the whole thing so keep your eyes peeled.

20. Rent a Skyline Flat in Manchester.

Didn't happen. Most probably won't be happening. We had a change of heart and realised for the money we'd prefer a 2-4 bedroom house for the same price as a 1 bedroom flat with good views.

21. Do an extreme sport.

Again with the health, I'm not actually allowed to do extreme sports now in case I dislocate something! I'd never 100% rule it out because I do want an exciting life but you won't catch me bungee jumping anytime soon.

Have you got a bucket list?

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