Today I turn 22! I didn't want to rush a 'birthday haul' style post until I could take proper photos so I may as well just show you some of my instagram photos and tell you all about my day. I woke up around half 8 despite not setting an alarm to allow me to have a lie in, typical. Andy and myself decided to go through the McDonald's drive thru to grab breakfast since I was letting myself eat whatever the hell I wanted. After making a Topshop order and eagerly waiting for my JD order to arrive, it was time to actually celebrate.

I opened my card and presents from Andy and was over the moon. I usually guess all of my presents and got every single one right this year, much to his dismay. His birthday was only 8 days ago and we finally decided on a budget in order to not spend a ridiculous amount like we did last year. After all, it's about spending time together and enjoying ourselves. I won't give away what he got me just yet, but they were good presents!

Once we came home we tucked into the Ferrero Rocher and Nutella birthday cake that Andy had kindly made me. He did such a good job and considering he never bakes and this is probably the first cake he has ever made by himself. It was so yummy and I couldn't finish a whole piece it was so chocolatey. I ended the day by watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead and then chilled out in bed. Tomorrow I'm off shopping for a few makeup bits with the birthday money I received and might include them in the haul post I'll put up in a few days time.

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