It's my 22nd birthday tomorrow and since my previous list post was about what I did last year, I thought setting myself some more goals before I turn 23 would be a fun idea. Whether or not I complete them is a different story!

1. Buy box lights

I tend to use the natural light to take product photos and simply lighten them in Photoshop, but relying on the defused light entering through my window is just not viable sometimes. Box lights are both bulky and pricey but it would be a dream to have my own so I could take photos whenever I felt like it.

2. Buy my own camera 

I'm currently using Andy's camera which although it is great and does it's job perfectly, I'd love to be able to have my own. I wouldn't choose a bridge camera like his but would go for something more compact but with the opportunity to still take high quality images. They aren't cheap though, that's why I'm giving myself a year to get one...

3. See something live

I used to be an avid festival goer with an empty space in my heart if I didn't have tickets to see one of my favourite bands throughout the year, when it wasn't festival season. After seeing Maroon 5 in June, I haven't booked tickets to see anyone. There are a few bands I'm yet to see and would love to make more of an effort to go and see some live.

4. Go on a road trip

Since Andy bought his car in April we've done a fair few trips to and from Newcastle but now we are permanently living in Liverpool, it would be nice to have a drive to somewhere else in the UK. I'd love to explore the southern places of England aside from London.

5. Buy lots of makeup in America

Since I find out we were going to Amercia I started making a list of beauty products I want to buy when I'm over there. I'm planning to pack lightly and buy a hell of a lot over there (but mostly makeup) and would love some suggestions from other bloggers too!

6. Understand my illnesses

For the past year I've been in both hospital and the GP over joint and muscle aches. I can explain my limitations to others but on the scale of things, I really don't fully understand what I'm supposed to be doing to better myself aside from taking medications and not pushing myself too hard. It would be lovely to raise money towards further understanding of EDS and Fibromyalgia in the public eye to aid the awareness of these chronic conditions and show the seriousness of them.

7. Wash my makeup brushes more often

I am so bad for doing this. I'll do it regularly over a few weeks then completely forget and mean to do it when I'm not wearing makeup that day but postpone it. I now have three storage pots full of brushes so I need to get my bum in gear and wash them on a weekly basis.

8. Get more into YouTube

Okay so last year I achieved the goal of setting up a channel, now we actually have to post some videos to it. We have one already, but editing takes a while, especially when you aren't used to it (or should I say Andy isn't ha!)

9. Get laser hair removal

Even as a blonde I've hated having hair on my legs and underarms. It's incredibly tedious to have to shave, plan outfits and fake tanning around shaving. It would be so handy to have the hair removed!

10. Buy a macbook

This is probably not going to be achievable unless I find myself a good paying job but hey, you have to have some goals.

11. Move out

I loved my little flat up in Newcastle for my final year in uni and since moving home I have been desperate to move back out and have my own space again. I love my family, but I really want my own place to live, whether that be around the corner or a few miles away.

12. Fix my tattoo

I've mentioned this on a previous post but my tattoo is a shambles and it needs fixing. whether it be through a removal or getting a cover up. I'm definitely more of a piercing gal over tattoos despite adoring them on other people, so I think that's what is putting me off changing my 2cm cross on my ribs.

13. Be more confident

Since putting on weight and having heard a lot of people from home chat about me, my self confidence has dropped dramatically. It's made me super anxious and has not helped me at all. Hopefully sometime in the next year I'll learn to love myself a little more.

14. Throw a party

Since my 18th I've not done a whole lot of 'proper' celebrating. Whether it be a house warming, engagement or just a simple BBQ, it would be lovely to get all of my family and friends together for celebrations.

15. Learn to drive

I still haven't learned to drive and I am determined that I will do it this year! My navy blue Beetle dream is still pretty far from achieving but learning to drive will be one step closer.

16. Go for a weekend away

In 2014 I made a huge effort to travel around the UK to visit loads of different places and I've not been anywhere in the UK this year at all. I'd love to go for a spa weekend or two to relax a bit more.

17. Take a makeup class

Whilst YouTube is great for learning makeup tips, paying for a makeup lesson would give me hands on experience to apply makeup on others. I obviously know more than the average person since beauty blogging teaches you a lot, but it would be advantageous to learn from a professional makeup artist.

18. Get a full time job

It is a pain working as a self-employed gal here on my blog without a part or full time job. I'd love to go into Digital Marketing or Social Media Management and love my job. I adore blogging and will continue to blog for as long as I can picture into the future but to have a steady income to save for the future and to rent/buy a house would just be amazing.

19. Fight back at anxiety

I worry way too much for my own good. I worry about what other people think about me a lot and it has stopped me doing some things I would normally love to do. I guess part of it is because of communication - honesty is hard to come by these days and I wouldn't be as anxious if everything was out in the open, but it isn't. The next best step for me is to stop caring as much and put happiness first.

20. Have 20 Mac lipsticks

As of the day before my birthday, I have 7 Mac lippies. I know Andy has bought me one for tomorrow already but I'd love to make my way up to 20 before next year.

21. Meet some more fabulous bloggers

Having met some lovely girls at the NWMeet and via Twitter, I'd love to meet some more gals for a coffee cup of tea and slice of cake.

22. Ride in a convertible around LA

We've already sussed out that whilst we are in LA we will have to rent a car to go and see some of the things you can't get to via the Metro or bus systems. We saw (for not much more than planned!) a Beetle Convertible to hire and I definitely want to make the most of that, especially in the warm west coast sun.

23. Visit some European cities

I've always been a bit of a history nerd and I'd love to do more than visit tourist attractions. I went to Berlin and saw some amazing sights and learned so much about Germany's history from outside of a textbook. I'd love to visit Rome and do some more learning!
Do you have a bucket list?

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