I love writing men's Christmas gift guides since a lot of people tend to be clueless when it comes to what to buy the man in your life for the big day. It does tend to be stereotypically easier with females and although I am great at buying for my boyfriend, buying for my father and brother is in a whole other kettle of fish. To make a start, ManKind have plenty of products* to suit everyone's needs.

Truefitt & Hill Cologne
Starting from £30, these colognes will suit every man's taste. With notes of sandalwood to lime and bergamot to amber, they are high quality fragrances. The brand are based in London and pride themselves on their products including after shave balms and creams. The packaging is kept simple and each fragrance holds a different coloured packaging which is a nice touch.

Beard Lube
Now that's something I didn't anticipate ever writing on my blog. Jack Black Beard Lube is a multipurpose product that can be used as a pre-shave oil, a shaving cream and a facial skin treament that boasts to encourage a cleaner shave. It includes ingredients such as macademia nut and jojoba oils to help the razor glide and it moisturise your skin. The product is £18 but they assure you that it's worth it.

Mojo Hair Styling Cream
Made here in the UK, Mojo Hair Styling Cream is made to achieve sleek hairstyles with a natural shine. The product is creamy to soften and add flexibility to the air whilst being strong enough to hold a style in place. The emulsion has a fresh scent and is available to buy for £14.

American Crew Boost Powder
This is my favourite product out of them all. Everyone needs volume in their hair, and this boost powder was created to lift the hair while adding texture and thickness. It is of matte finish and provides flexible hold and retains the natural moisture of the hair. Whilst other texturising products may work well, they can make your hair itchy, but as this is a powder you won't have this issue. For value for money, this also remains my favourite for £10.75.

Scacramouche & Fandango Body Wash
If you're going to buy someone body wash, it needs to be good body wash. Not a lynx set. Something of good quality. This Scacaramouche & Fandango body wash contains vitamin E which is known to help nourish the skin, and papaya extract to help keep the skin supple. It's also cruelty free and doesn't contain oil or silicone.

What would you buy from ManKind?