I had my eye on this palette since Urban Decay announced that they were releasing it. The colours looked stunning and I knew there would be a huge colour pay off. Last month when Andy gifted me it for my birthday, I was over the moon. With a mix of both mattes and shimmers, light colours to dark, it is the perfect weekend palette. I already own the Naked 3 palette which contains tons of light colours, mostly pinks so I did need another palette. I kind of smashed my Naked Basics 2 which still makes me want to cry when I think about it, but luckily this palette can make up for it.

The first shade on the left 'High' is the most stunning colour in the whole palette in my opinion. It adds the slightest bit of pink with fine shimmer all over the lid and sparkles in the light. There are two shades perfect for a bronze eye which is popular this year, 'Dirtysweet' and 'High'. When mixed together, with the shade 'Whiskey' in the crease, you have the perfect brown smokey eye. The more adventurous shades in the palette are 'Armor', 'Slanted', 'Dagger' and 'Smolder' which I'm yet to fully invest myself in. They are bolder than what I'm used to but I have promised myself to create a blue-black smokey look asap.

The colours I've been using the most lately have been 'Black Market', 'Password', 'Combust' and 'Thirteen' and as you may see from the picture I annoyingly caught my nail in it as soon as I opened it. The palette also comes with a double ended brush which I'm yet to try out since I instinctively opt for my Real Techniques and Nanshy brushes. The packaging is magnetic which is so much better than the Naked 3 packaging which I dropped and cracked as soon as I got it. You can see a pattern emerging. Do be prepared to have your bobby pins stuck to the outside though. I do aim to create some looks with this since I haven't done it in what feels like an age.