As the colder weather has approached incredibly fast, I've seen major changes in my skin. In Liverpool we had a huge storm that produced harsh winds, a cold temperature and lots of rain. Although I have oily-combination skin, my skin couldn't balance out the oil and half of my face produced more oil and the other half dried out so badly. My nose was having an awful time since it was both dry and oily and I struggled so much trying to even it out. I ditched my previous skincare routine and went back to the basics with these Garnier products* to see if they could fix the problem.

Miracle Sleeping Cream

I've previously used Yves Rocher nighttime cream to hydrate my skin overnight, but I've finished the pot so this was a good time to try the Garnier alternative out. This sleeping cream works for all skin types to put moisture back into your skin without encouraging excess oil. It has properties that help firm your skin up which will in turn reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In all honesty I was apprehensive about trying this but I kid you not my face has never been as smooth! I woke up the next morning and couldn't stop stroking my cheek it was so baby-like. 

Micellar Cleansing Water

I've been using various brands of Micellar water for a while but hadn't tried the Garnier version. The packaging is sleek and pretty and shows how clear the product is. It removes makeup well and isn't a watered down product where you need about ten pads to take all of your makeup off. It gets the mascara off my eyes without irritating it but I do tend to go over it with a bit of Bioderma as that takes any last bits off. As a lazy gal I love using micellar waters since I can just use cotton pads to remove the days makeup.

Micellar Extra-Gentle Cleansing Wipes

Again, a lazy girl product! The wipes are soaked in the Micellar Cleansing Water and my gosh you can tell. They are the wettest wipes I've ever came across and they are hands down the best makeup wipes for this reason. There is nothing worse than being tired and opening makeup wipes to remove your makeup and they're dry and irritating. When I run out of these I'll definitely buy them to put in my handbag.

Miracle Wake Up Cream

I've been trying this out for a short while but with most daytime creams I usually try them for over a month before giving a full opinion. So far, so good. I haven't seen a major difference but it hasn't encouraged more oil production in my problem areas and has left my skin supple and soft. I'll be trying it out without using the sleeping cream to see just how soft it leaves my skin so keep a look out for that!

What is your favourite Garnier skincare product?

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