I only began collecting Mac lipsticks in July 2014 and although it seems little in comparison to others, I'm quite impressed with it so far. I have twelve to date and think I'll be buying another soon since my makeup storage has lipstick rows of 6 and there is an empty gap just waiting for the perfect nude-beige. The lipsticks I own are a mixture of finishes and shades that are suitable for all types of occasion.

 Brave, Rebel, Speed Dial, Relentlessly Red, Flat Out Fabulous, Ruby Woo, Hang Up, Chatterbox, Hot Gossip, Up The Amp, Pure Heroine.

My most worn colour is Hot Gossip which was the first lipstick I bought. It is definitely an everyday shade and looks so subtle on my lips. Speed Dial and Chatterbox are pretty similar and I use them when Hot Gossip is in the bottom of my handbag. My favourite Autumn shade has to be Rebel as it is a gorgeous berry colour that perfectly compliments my blonde hair and blue eyes. For a darker purple, Pure Heroine is so pretty but doesn't get worn half as much due to it being so dark and me being in work a lot.

The shades I've worn the least are Relentlessly Red and Flat Out Fabulous. The sole reason for this is because they are so matte that they can dry out the lips and pick up on all the dry patches on your lips. Sometimes you need to apply lipstick quickly and these just aren't an option for days where you can't spend time hydrating and exfoliating your lips. 

Until October I didn't have a single 'red' because I argue that Relentlessly Red is simply a bright pink. A family member was kind enough to add Ruby Woo to my collection which I'm so excited to try out closer to Christmas with a smokey eye. The other shades I received on/around my birthday were Up The Amp, a beautiful lilac, Brave which is a pink-nude and Hang Up which is a deep vampy red. I'm thinking about picking up Velvet Teddy which seems to be a more brown-toned nude as I really need a tan-ish colour since my lips are so pink normally. I'm wondering what other colours to pick up next.

What shades should I buy next?

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