Made In Chelsea

Every episode is about someone else's love life, either seeming to be interrupted by Jamie or Spencer, or called out by Lucy. Despite them often saying they dismiss love, it seems to be 90% of their daily involvement. The reason I love MIC is to have an insight into a richer person's life. I can't just decide to nip out to Chanel for a new dress or to fly out to Ibiza 'just because' so it's definitely intriguing. I like how they actually have jobs outside of the show too.

The Walking Dead

Obviously this is a huge hit right now and each episode creates huge tension around who will survive and where they will find refuge next. In the last season I wasn't as keen, but they've upped the anti and left a lot of cliffhangers. Judging from the comic books (which I've read a bit about), the next few seasons will be very interesting.

Scream Queens

This is such a love-hate show for me. I love it because of the people who star in it - Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michelle etc. The show is half ridiculous and half amazing, and Chanel's closet is to die for.


Also known as MI-5, began to air in 2002 and ended in 2011 with plenty of seasons to catch up on. I'm a huge lover of criminal/political dramas and it being British makes it even more watchable. Obviously you see some actors from other similar UK shows but it makes it so worthwhile. If you're a fan of Whitechapel, Silk and Ripper Street, you'll love Spooks.

Don't Tell The Bride

This is such a guilty pleasure for me. I cringe every time I watch it and wonder why on Earth they'd let someone else plan their wedding for them. Whether it be the angry mother-in-law or the childish best man, there is always the apprehension that something will go wrong. Every episode makes me realise exactly what I wouldn't want from my future wedding.

Speaking of TV shows, the only thing that really annoys me are the breaks. I don't need to watch 5 minutes in between my favourite show to see how butter can change my life or what loan I need to take out next. Having the option to catch up on shows I've missed is a game changer as you can download shows when you want and watch them there and then, along with the option to still watch the latest episides live. With Freeview Play you can do just this, and install apps such as Netflix to catch up on your shows there too. Having it all in one place makes life so much easier, especially after a busy day at work. Alongside TV shows, they also show films too, and their advertisement just *happens* to feature a song from my favourite film, Les Misérables! 

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