I love Christmas. I love the little cartoon gingerbread men and candy canes, and that's why I chose to review this Candy Cane Christmas Cardigan* (£45.91) from Cheesy Christmas Sweater. They sell a wide range of more interesting Christmas jumpers that are high quality and will keep you cosy without you feeling like you've got ten thousand layers on. I'm definitely more of a cardigan gal than a jumper gal since I hate things clinging to me and with the buttons on the cardigan, you can wear it open or closed.

There is so much detail in this cardigan. The little solider men with their hats on, the Christmas tree with a present underneath and the candy canes wrapped together. Even the arms have detail on them with candy cane strips down them. I ordered a Medium and it's a bit big but I expected that. It's just so christmassy! Super cosy, super cheesy and super festive. The thought of wearing a fluffy jumper with bobbles and tinsel sown into it gives me nightmares in comparison to wearing this cardigan. I don't want to feel like a fluffball. I understand it is a little pricey for a cardigan you may only wear for a month, but the quality is impeccable. I don't usually rate things so highly but it's worth the money.

I love that the website has a section for Ugly Christmas Jumpers. You know when you love something but you know it's ugly and other people don't seem to get it but you do? This is why I love the store's website. They also stock two person jumpers, light up jumpers, and usual Christmas jumpers. As much as I'd love to try on their two person jumpers twosie sweater, it would be all fun and games for 5 minutes until I'd probably fall over since I am smaller than near enough everyone I know. It would be hilarious to see my boyfriend and I in it though, since he is a whole foot taller than me. 

If you're looking for a new ugly jumper to wear on the big day, or simply need some questions answered, they can help you out where you need it. You can order worldwide and they ship quickly! I'm probably going to wear this cardi for longer than just Christmas since it is quite cosy, don't judge!

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