Last week I nipped into the Trafford Centre to do a bit of Christmas shopping and whilst I was there I decided to visit the new KIKO store. I'd been to the Alicante store whilst on holiday and was too poorly to pick anything up and had to leave pretty swiftly which I was gutted about. Now that there is one in only a half an hour drive away, I can imagine everytime I'm in the Trafford Centre I'll gravitate towards the store. I took a fair amount of photos featuring their collections, Christmas releases and their stands packed with lipsticks and nail varnishes.

The Perfecting Bronzer is stunning to look at and when swatched is creamy and blendable. Although I've not tried it on my cheeks, it looks like it will be a fabulous bronzer to work with. Kiko's eyeshadows were unreal. Incredibly pigmented and the shadows with the shimmer/glitter in them were just so beautiful. Had payday arrived when I had gone, I would have picked up about ten of these. The shadows at the bottom reminded me of the night sky and would be perfect for a smokey eye.

The way in which the products were layed out were great too, it's refreshing to see everything laid out in its specific place as this is a huge pet peeve of mine when looking to buy makeup if everything is messy. They had tons of different shades of lipsticks and nail varnishes and I'm so impressed with the store. It had a different vibe to the Alicante store which was laid back whereas this had a more high-end vibe but nonetheless it was a lovely store. Off my first impressions, I'd recommend their powder products and lipsticks from swatching as they seem pretty pigmented for the price, and the packaging of some of the products is so pretty. I'm excited for payday so I can head back over and fill a basket!

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