You may have seen this post which was a little mysterious. There was a tumblr account set up that described something large and purple entering the UK causing a lot of people to talk about it. Well, it was the huge bar of Dairy Milk which is surprised tons of people as it was completely unexpected. You may think, "Is this going to just be a bit bigger than the 'big' bars?". No, you're wrong. Over on the website you can now buy, for a limited period of time, a 850g bar of Dairy Milk. The standard size bar is 45g, so this one is 18 times the size! 
I'd say this would last a while in my household, but it definitely won't since all 6 of us are major chocolate fiends! I'll be getting a huge bar and I'm so excited! I make some mean cadbury chocolate brownies and with this size I'd have enough for a set of brownies and have 2/3 of it left! Genius! They seem like such an amazing gift for Christmas and I would be made up to have one of these under the tree!
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