You may have seen in September I went to the NWMeet kindly hosted by Katy & Sam, and was more than blown away by the goodie bag they gave us. I've never used any Tarte products since they're an American brand but was super keen to try this out to see how it faired. The packaging is like no other, really making a statement about the brand. It is quite bulky I found so can't be placed neatly in makeup storage unless you have really deep muji drawers.

The wand is like a comb style wand, as opposed to the normal thick brushes I use so I was a little apprehensive. I do enjoy using Benefit's They're Real mascara so I thought it would be pretty similar. What I did find when I applied it was that it is pretty thick. The comb separates the lashes a little, but it isn't anything groundbreaking. The colour is perfect as it's a really dark black (I mean you can't get much wrong with a black colour) which goes in my favour with my white-blonde eyelashes.

I usually stay really clear from this type of wand since I find I poke myself with the spiky bristles really easy and my eyes water like no other. This happened when using this mascara and this is one of the main reasons I tend to go for this brush wands since they're eye-friendly. Overall, I think this would be great for clubbing, or blending false eyelashes with your own as its nice and thick for when you want that effect, but it isn't an everyday mascara for me.