After visiting the new Kiko store in Manchester not too long ago, the lovely online Kiko ladies sent me out the cutest packaged filled with my favourite Kiko products that I swatched in store, and more. The first thing you notice about Kiko products is the packaging. Simple, beautiful and effective.

Intensely Lavish Lipstick from the Rebel Romantic Collection in the shade Luscious Red is instantly my favourite product due to its packaging. If you follow me on Pinterest you'll know how much I love rose gold and this sums me up as a lipstick entirely. What I noticed from this lipstick is that it is the creamiest lip product I've ever used and I was not expecting it at all. I wore it underneath a red Primark lip liner and lasted a decent amount of time but did need topping up. I actually wore it to work and had a ton of compliments as the shade is stunning and it is hands down one of my favourite lipsticks ever, and that includes Mac and Charlotte Tilbury.

Also from the Rebel Romantic Collection is the Reckless Spirit Eyeshadow palette which is a perfect everyday palette that is small enough to fit in your handbag. It comes with cream to brown shades for a natural looking smoky eye, a little applicator and mirror to apply. I always wear an eye primer to ensure my makeup lasts its longest and these didn't disappoint. Easy to blend and as pigmented as you would expect; I'm impressed.

With similar packaging as it is from the same line is the Perfecting Bronzer which is a powder product with the effect of a cream which offers an even finish and natural looking tan which is great for contouring. I had it on today, and with normally wearing my Benefit Hoola bronzer, I think this actually suits my skin tone a little better. In the shade Light-Medium will obviously mean it suits paler skin better, something you don't get with Benefit but they're both as blendable as each other.

The fourth Rebel Romantic product is this beautiful Metallic Shine Eyeshadow in Absolutely Rose which is long lasting, creamy, shimmery and has a huge colour payoff. I was blown away by how pretty this is and if I could have it my way, I'd wear it everyday. I did forget to take a photo of the eyeshadow as you can see, but just imagine a super shimmery lilac eyeshadow that really suits pale skin and blonde hair...

The Matte Muse Liquid Lipstick from the Midnight Siren Collection confused me at first as on the outside it looks like a nail varnish due to the bulky size and large lid. I enjoyed wearing this since I have recently been trying out a lot of matte liquid lipsticks and so far so good! I do need to wear this a little more to give a full review.

To finish off a look using these Kiko products, the Liquid Intense Eyeliner in Brown offers a smooth line with a shiny finish and pairs well with the brown eyeshadow shades from the Reckless Spirit palette. I didn't seen much movement from this meaning it is long lasting and even with a primer for my oily lids you know it won't ruin your eye makeup.

Overall you can tell that Kiko have put a lot of thought into their products and they seem to be going down a treat in the blogging world. As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to the Alicante store and never managed to buy anything, but since the nearest store is a 20/30 minute car drive away I can imagine you'll soon see some more Kiko products in my makeup collection.

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