So I fell pretty hard on the Nyx bandwagon in the last month. I heard a product was good and I bought as many as I could afford. And I'm so happy that I did. The shades I have here are Amsterdam, Antwerp, Athens, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Monte Carlo, Prague and Tokyo. As you can tell, I went for a complete mixture of shades to attempt to have one for every occasion. I ordered them off Boots (where you can get 10% student discount from, so make the most of it!) so the photos weren't exactly true to what the website shown. If you shop on regularly you'll know that the images are so tiny for the colour selector, and with being an American product only recently entering the UK, it's hard to get photos to see true shades.

Nevertheless, once I placed my first order of four, I wanted more. See what I did there? I wanted a dark shade so went for Copenhage, a fairly neutral shade so went for Anterwep and a baby pink in the shade Tokyo. They all seem to be pretty pigmented, with an even finish, lasting a hell of a lot longer than the MUA Luxe liquid lipsticks. The MUA ones last fine until you eat where they all come off which is a real shame so went for Nyx this time. They lasted through a meal and drinks and I touched the colour up once just to make it a bit more creamy. Sometimes with matte lip products they severely dry your lips out, but this formula doesn't affect your lips at all. 

I aimed to do swatches of these but I don't think it will be worth it until my next order of colours arrive and I can do an updated post. I know that in America they cost around £3 and here they're £5.50 but they're so worth the money, especially if you're wanting drugstore alternatives to the ABH and YSL alternatives that will really break the bank. The shade I'm most excited to try out in the future is Transylvania which appears to be a really dark purple shade, perfect for this time of year.

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