So Nyx announced last year that they were coming to the UK and I was straight onto the bandwagon. I knew I wanted to pick up a few shades of the soft matte lip cream but had heard the odd mention of the liquid suedes too and was eager to pick a few of those up too. They've since announced they're making another lip product called the lip lingerie which I am definitely getting my hands on as soon as they're out, as they look absolutely stunning.

(l-r) Athens, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Antwerp, Prague, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo, Copenhagen, Transylvania.

So originally I only picked up four shades but have ended up with nine different shades as I just couldn't cope with a few. After using these for a bit I've noticed that the darker the colour, the more pigmented they are. The shades from Prague onwards seem to last a fair bit longer which is unusual but hey ho. Nyx have released some new shades including more purples and even a bright blue, which I wouldn't normally go for but I need to try it out. 

Athens, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Antwerp.

Prague, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo, Copenhagen, Transylvania.

I have lips similar to Prague naturally, so these shades show up darker on my lips than on my pale hand. Shades like Buenos Aires and Tokyo don't really suit me that well but I'm keeping them for any ombré lip looks I may do in the future as they're gorgeous shades for that purpose. Overall I have to say that the bottom five shades swatched are my favourite and they're pretty pigmented to say the least. They don't drag on the lips, they last for a hell of a long time without the need to reapply and they don't flake off when you eat.

(l-r) Sandstorm, Amethyst, Cherry Skies, Vintage.

The main difference between the soft matte lip creams and the liquid suedes is the texture. The pigmentation is just as good if not slightly better. In the UK they're a pound more expensive but as you can see from the photos, you get a larger product. The applicator for this is larger that the soft matte lip creams and ideally I'd prefer the smaller applicator as it's easier to get into the corners. I've seen some reviews online claiming these crack easy and are quite streaky but I've not found this for all four colours I have, and personally I think there is less chance of these cracking than the lip creams. The online reviews I've seen saying that they are 'complicated' to use seem like a load of rubbish as they're so easy to work with which is one of the reasons I'm encouraging more people to try them.

Sandstorm, Amethyst, Cherry Skies, Vintage

The finish of these is a satin or semi-matte which looks stunning and you could definitely use this on top of another lipstick to boost the colour and finish. They lasted all day and the Amethyst colour is so bold and beautiful, the swatch doesn't do it justice. I've found Sandstorm the hardest to work with considering I have pale skin and blonde hair but that's literally just down to the fact that I'm not used to having a brown toned nude on my lips. I think 'Soft Spoken' would have been a better choice for my complexion and Sandstorm is probably more suited to brunettes. It works a hell of a lot better than the nude lip creams though which you can probably see with the swatches. I'm not sure how the Lip Lingerie will compare but I'm excited to try them when they're released over here.

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