You may be familiar with my brand focus posts and today I have another. Ever since I was starting to appreciate makeup, L'Oréal Paris has been a brand I've looked up to. Whether it be because they use some stunning women in their advertisements or because their products tend to be of a good quality for an affordable price, I will always have a love for them. I started off loving their lipsticks which are sadly long gone and their power products but branched out and started to use pretty much everything they made in the makeup department. Their lipsticks match up to the quality of Mac in my opinion and they're the only brand I'm really dedicated to for traditional lipsticks (I say this because Nyx have my love for their lip products too).

I featured their True Match Foundation and two of their lipsticks in a brand ambassador post for House of Fraser and it turns out that they read it and liked my post. I was in shock when I read their email saying they wanted to work with me and that was probably the first peak in blogging for me. They sent some products out and I was pleasantly surprised at how perfect their Infallible gloss was as I've hated lipgloss since I was about 17 and it used to make my hair stick to it and it drove me crazy. I've bought another as you can see, but I'm adamant that this is the only gloss for me.

I have a huge love for their eyeshadows too. After receiving the La Palette Nude I began using it as my quick everyday palette and it has a good mixture between the Urban Decay naked palettes colours which means it is perfect to use for both day and night looks. It's thin and compact, with a handy double ended brush, allowing it to be my ideal palette for my handbag. Not long ago I picked up one of their single shadows and it's one of the most pigmented shadows I've ever used. I was annoyed at myself for not picking more up. There's a few other products that I've reviewed, such as their True Match Genius which I use when I'm wanting a full coverage base and apply over foundation since it acts as a powder too.

Some of my favourite products by L'Oréal are the La Vie en Rose lipsticks which not only look incredible on the lips, they smell so nice! I much prefer the black packaging instead of the full gold packaging and would have as many lipsticks by them as I could if the packaging was all the same. That sounds like an odd reason but since I have my makeup on display I love them looking all pretty. The products I'm looking forward to picking up are the Infallible Mattifying Primer and Infallible Fixing Mist as they're both supposed to be dupes for Smashbox products which is fabulous if it's true considering there is a distinct price difference. 

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