Aside from the whole "new year, new me" resolutions, I've decided to set myself a few goals for the year. To help me along, Workwear Express kindly sent me a few items to help me get started, including this motivational hoodie that even has my blog address on the back. If you liked the look of it you can design your own on their website which is such a good idea if you want to give yourself a kick start back into getting fit.

Walk more

The NHS and other institutions recommend you do 10,000 steps a day. It's hard to keep track considering pedometers and the health app on the iPhones aren't all that reliable. I went to Manchester this Monday and kept my phone in my pocket and it tracked 11,265 steps and when I checked my boyfriend's phone his was slightly less (he is a foot taller than me so won't do as many strides as I will) so I know roughly that I achieved at least 10,000 that day. Having EDS does make it hard to do certain things but walking is okay as long as I take breaks.

Start Swimming

When I was on holiday I was messing around in the pool every day with my boyfriend, brother and father, but starting to swim as an adult is a different kettle of fish. Firstly recognising that I have to actually go in the lanes to swim in a pool is daunting enough. I think the main reason I don't swim more is the fact that a swimming cap is a pain to put on, especially with my naturally curly/frizzy hair. If I don't wear a cap the chlorine completely dries my hair out. I guess it is a vanity thing, but swimming can help tone up your muscles and let us be honest, it isn't that hard.

Use my exercise bike

I have had an exercise bike for just over a year but at the moment it's collecting some dust. After about fifteen minutes on the bike I get bored but as it's the only thing in the house I need to make us of it. If I dedicate a few nights a to go on the bike whilst watching a programme I can do an hour each time and I won't even realise I'm on it after a few goes. Using the planner that Workwear Express kindly sent me, I can write down which days I'm going to go on the bike and try to stick to it.

Lose weight

This is an obvious one and it seems like everyone and their wife wants to lose weight and tone up. I've found it really hard to lose weight in the past year and it doesn't seem to come off whatever I do. I'm going back to the doctors for more blood tests to see if there is a cause, but I'll continue to eat as healthy as possible and do some core exercises to tone my muscles up.

If you have any fitness tips, feel free to share them in the comments below, or over at Twitter where you can use the hashtag #WEFitnessGoals.

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