Freedom Makeup Palette

When you're travelling it is sometimes difficult to pack lightly in the makeup department. Finding a palette that can cover the majority of your face is also hard considering there are a ton of different skin tones and types. Freedom Makeup have created the House of Glam Dolls Vintage Doll Look* palette that includes your blusher, lipstick, eyeshadow, highlight and brows. You could probably get away with using the lightest two brow colours as a bronzer to contour too.

Laura Hadley Freedom Makeup Palette

I love multipurpose palettes as I know that if I need to grab something quickly it will have me covered. I enjoy using this palette on other people too, as friends and family often ask me to do their makeup, hence why the darkest brow shades have been used too as I definitely don't have black eyebrows. To buy it for yourself you can be safe knowing that the colours are universal so there will be something to suit you, no matter what colour your skin is. With plenty of colours to play with, it might even encourage you to try something new. I don't really use purple eyeshadow, but having a purple shadow in the palette definitely makes me want to try it out.

The only downside is that there are lip products in the palette. As soon as you use those and the eyeshadows, there is the inevitable that loose product will get stuck to the lipstick, hence why I haven't touched the lipsticks. I do however, like that there isn't a brush in the palette. I am loyal to my Real Techniques brushes and hate the eyeshadow pad brushes that come with a lot of palettes, although this is getting less often as most beauty lovers tend to use their own brushes. For £8.00 you can't complain with the Vintage Doll Look palette considering it has over 20 different products inside it with a large mirror too.

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