Something to store your items in
Although I love my current camera bag that has two compartments for my camera and equipment, it isn't very stylish. I pride myself in being a beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogger and having a leather camera bag to carry my equipment that will support the items and prevent them from damage is a must have. These are on the pricey side of £80 so I won't be getting one anytime soon, but it's on my list for future buys.

Something to take photos with
To run a blog it's important to have beautiful photos to go with what you're writing about. Cameras like the Panasonic Super Zoom Cameras such as the DMC-LX7 have full-range brightness which would help out so well with blog photography. I take most of my photos against a white background and without the useful settings these cameras can provide, I can't ensure that the background will be crisp and white. I love having a blank canvas as a background for some photos as it keeps the focus on the item you're taking the photo of. This is especially important when working with brands as they don't want the reader focused on something else other than their product. I love using my Olympus Pen E-PL7 to ensure I have high quality images which you will also be able to achieve using a Panasonic Super Zoom camera.

Something to help inspire you
To get motivated, I tend to stick on music that can get me in the mood to write. Now I'm not a one genre music gal. I like anything from rock to dance, oldies to new songs so not everyone in my house is interested in listening to what I'm listening to. I'm I'm going to have to wear something pretty, such as the Frends (not friends, trust me I wouldn't include a typo!) Layla Rose Gold Headphones as they go with pretty much everything I own and aren't too big to mess up my hair.

Something to light up your day
Currently I am a huge lover of natural, diffused light and that isn't always achievable. Apart from using a good camera to change the f number to brighten everything up, you can use artificial light too. Soft boxes are ideal as they use white light from their huge bulbs to light up what you're focusing on, and their material helps diffuse the light to not make it so harsh. Having the white light there also stops photos looking like a different colour i.e. more yellow because you might turn a light on using a yellowish bulb. I currently have one but hoping to purchase another soft box for this purpose.

Something to write down your thoughts on
Obviously to blog you need some form of computer that allows you to type freely. I don't have a working laptop and use my boyfriend's at the moment but I'm hoping that a miracle will occur and I'll be able to invest in an Apple Macbook in the near future. Along with typing out my blog posts, I also use Photoshop to edit my blog photos on just to brighten them up if required and resize the images etc. Having a working device such as a laptop is vital for blogging for me as I often use html to edit the text on my blog posts (such as this one) and it makes life that bit easier.

Something to keep everything steady
For some blog photos I require a tripod to keep the photos level. The good thing about adding a tripod into your equipment is that you can use them for whatever you want as they're adjustable. Some good uses for them are for fashion photos as you can take practice shots behind the camera and ensure all your photos are taken in the same way, or food photography in order to create birds eye view photos that are aesthetically pleasing. For beauty blogging I don't require a tripod often unless I'm taking flat lay shots but they are handy and not all are expensive.

All of these elements create the perfect blogging package and hopefully in the future I'll invest in more cameras such as the Panasonic Super Zoom cameras, add more lenses to my Olympus Pen and buy those beautiful Layla headphones. Everyone has different blogging techniques and I'd love to know in the comments below what your perfect blogging essentials are.

* This post was proudly sponsored by Panasonic