As you may know, I'm off to LA at the end of April and despite me planning for months what I would like to do and see when I'm out there, I hadn't narrowed it down to things I definitely would like to do. Obviously makeup shopping, picking up some American snacks and dining out are on the list but since I've never been to the US I had to do a bit of internet research first.

Ulta, Sephora, CVS, etc

Clearly makeup is my top priority here but that's instantly what flashed into my mind when I found out that we won the trip in the first place. American brands we can't get here, cheaper makeup than over here and buying some products that I've never heard bout just because. I'm not one to buy makeup that often and since I've been saving up for LA I'm due a big splurge!

Studio Tours

You can visit studio tours at Universal, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros and I desperately want to visit them all, with Universal Studios being at the top of my list. I know I shouldn't ruin the surprise by watching YouTube videos of rides and tours but they just make me want to go even more! I love watching behind the scenes clips of tv shows and movies so it's not really surprising that this is on the list. I'm definitely be going to taking a ton of photos and videos when I'm there to record the memories.

Santa Monica Pier

So I love looking at beaches but hate going on them. Traumatised by previous foot operations and the prospect of anything moving on the sand or in the sea, I'm so excited to visit Santa Monica Pier. I get to take photos of the beach and sea whilst on a ferris wheel with nothing gross going anywhere near me. Perfect! Plus I've spotted a few places to eat that seem to be popular with the locals. Can't beat shopping, sun and food.

The usual tourist things

Now I've not quite figured this out yet but I have big plans for having a nose around the streets and seeing what tends to be popular. Renting a car out and just driving until we find a cute place to stop off at. As much as I want to visit all the obvious places, I'd really like to make some precious memories by exploring by ourselves. You never know, I might discover somewhere genius that needs a lot more attention than it's given!

Explore american food

Aside from the makeup this is probably the most obvious thing to do. From what people have said, the portion sizes are huge and I'm probably going to be opting for kids meals when I can. I'm glad the County Fair isn't on when I'm going because they make all kinds of crazy fried stuff including butter, vom. Definitely looking forward to visiting the Cheesecake Factory and iHop!

If there is anything I should add to my bucket list, feel free to let me know in the comments! I'm still building up my makeup list of things to pick up, what I'm going to take with me and which cars to rent out I'm looking at you, beautiful convertible Beetle. Having never flown to the US I'm all up for trying new things and I'm looking forward to an amazing trip.

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