I had a few favourites this month, as you can see. By accident they all happen to be high end, but I can imagine there will be a few months purely based on drugstore products. These are all items I've had for a while and have posted about before, but they all happen to be my monthly faves.
Firstly, I have the Nars Creamy Concealer in Vanilla that matches my skin tone perfectly, covers up under eye bags and spots like a dream and I'm already planning on picking up the same product in Chantilly for a lighter concealer/highlighter from Sephora next month. I've always been loyal to my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer from day one but this, as it should be for the price, tops it. I only started using Nars products last year and I think I love them even more than I love Mac...

Speaking of Mac, the two lipsticks I've been loving this month are Up The Amp and Brave. Whilst I do have some really bright colours, I've been into more subtle colours for the whole of Winter. I've failed to use my berry colours when I said I would and have been opting for Brave the most as it's the most beautiful rose/mauve pink. Up The Amp leaves a light hint of lilac on the lips but can be worn with almost anything as it's still quite subtle.

At the moment I've not been enjoying really shimmery blush shades and have been using Benefit's Hervana blush which does have the tiniest bit of shimmer in but looks mostly matte on the cheeks. I think part of the reason I enjoy using it is because you swirl your brush through the different shades in the box and up with cheeks that look lightly flushed. It happens to be the only blusher that 2014's Christmas Blush box had in it, so I have a fair few to choose from, however they are all more shimmery than Hervana.

I've been really experimenting with brows over the past few months, and most days I'm setting them in place with the Mac ProLongwear Waterproof Gel which coats the hairs in a lovely blonde-brown shade and can help them look a bit more natural once I've already used a pomade and pencil etc. I picked this up from my local McArthur Glen outlet out of chance and it was the only shade available which was lucky considering I find it difficult to get brow gels that really match my brows.

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