I was sent some brushes by MakeupBrushes.co.uk to review and compare to some of the other brushes out there to see how they stand up. They were kind enough to send me the So Eco Eye Brush Kit* (£12.50) and a Real Techniques Bold Metals Angled Liner brush* (£9.00).

The So Eco Angled Eye Liner Brush (£5.00) is designed to give a defined look. This brush came as part of the Eye Brush Kit and I wanted to compare this to some of the Real Techniques brushes. The brush is made with a tapered handle to make applying your eyeliner even easier. So Eco brushes are made with the environment in mind, as they are 100% eco-friendly which come from ethically sourced and sustainable materials.

I chose the Bold Metals brush because I own a few others and was intrigued to see how it would perform as a small detailed brush as most of my other ones by them are face brushes. I'm personally not a fan of the handle of the Real Techniques one. Although its weighted to try and make it easier to apply, I find the extra weight does the opposite and especially when applying eyeliner is so precise, it makes me want to put it down and use another one. I much prefer the So Eco's design: it's simple, light and easy to use as you don't need to complicate something when a lot of people struggle with eyeliner.

The good thing about the Bold Metals brush is how narrow the brush head is which makes it easy to create a defined look. It's very easy to handle which is what you'd want when doing a detailed part of your makeup. The So Eco one has a slightly larger brush head, so if you aren't used to doing eyeliner, it would make it much easier to get the winged look with just one brush stroke. This would be ideal for a beginner doing eyeliner, which is also reflected in the price, being only £5 it's quite affordable.

I've included my other Real Techniques angled liner brush in this photo (please excuse the dent, it didn't take too kindly to being thrown around by the baggage handlers at the airport). As you can see it's a mix of the other two brushes, so it's like the design of the So Eco brush but a bit smaller. It just shows that liner brushes come in a variety of different sizes. I use the bottom brush in the picture above for powdering my eyebrows as it's the perfect size for filling them in. For eyeliner, I tend to mix up which brushes I use depending on the look I'm going for. Either of the brushes I reviewed today would work really well with gel eyeliner.

This is the complete So Eco Eye Brush Kit and I wanted to talk about how useful it will be. The set comes with a concealer brush, eye shading brush, angled eye liner, lash & brow comb and a spoolie. As you can see, they all come in a nice little travel wrap with their own little slot so they will stay safe when going away with you. It means you could have all of the brushes you need in one place. 
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