As you may know I'm off to Los Angeles in two weeks and I thought that I'll be writing a packing list regardless, so why not put it on here to help other travellers too? I'm doing this post for the things I'll be taking in my main suitcase as I will be doing a 'What's in my hand luggage' as another post. I'll be trying to cover the main things that I'm going to take with me to give you an idea of what you would need on a similar trip. 

Tops, t-shirts, cami tops, blouses and shirts to be worn openly.
High waisted jeans, leggings, maybe a few skirts.
Thin dresses - it's going to be quite warm!

Adidas Los Angeles trainers that were kindly sent by Soletrader.
Cute flats to go with jeans and dresses as I want to save the luggage allowance for makeup!
Comfortable Skechers Memory Foam shoes for when I'm doing a lot of walking.

Makeup brushes, tools and other accessories.
False lashes for when mine are looking a bit rubbish.
Minimal makeup as I plan on buying a fair amount when I'm over there.

All my mini products including shower gels and washes and hair products.
I'm going to limit myself to just one perfume as I've got a feeling I'll buy at least a rollerball when I'm away.

Are there any other essentials I should add to my list?

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