Having seen the type of cupcakes Eat Your Photo make, I was interested to try out some of what they offered. They were kind enough to send me these cupcakes, and gave me the option to add any photo to the top and choose the flavour.

I was wondering how the cupcakes would arrive, hoping they wouldn't be squashed or damaged. To my relief they arrived completely unscathed in a strong cardboard box clearly marked as fragile. There were wedged in place nicely in a plastic tray that could be easily lifted out. Very useful if you can't wait to enjoy your cakes! They were also sealed in a plastic wrapper to keep them fresh. As soon as I opened up the box, I was really impressed by the quality of the edible photo on the cakes. I chose to have my blog logo on them and loved how it came out. It seemed lovely being able to see my logo on a product.

Now onto the taste. You might think that cupcakes that you order online and get delivered wouldn't be very fresh and would probably be a bit dry. I opted for the vanilla flavour, and after taking a bite of the cupcake I was pleasantly surprised how moist and tasty they were. The cupcakes are made of sponge with a thin layer of buttercream, topped with fondant icing with your edible photo. The vanilla was quite true to taste, so it would interesting to see how the chocolate flavour stood up to the test.

On the topic of price, they are £20 for a set of 12, which is quite good value for money. Taking into account the personalised nature of these, I think buying some for an event such as birthdays or other celebrations would be worth the money. To buy these type of cupcakes you can get them on their website.

Overall I'd definitely take them into consideration for future events, as they add a nice touch in comparison to a plain vanilla cupcake. 

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