I've always been quite a big fan of jewellery and I'm know for wearing a ton of rings. After Joshua James Jewellery offered some Swarovski pieces to review I had a browse of the website and decided that earrings and bracelet would be a welcome change to what I normally wear.  

These Cupid Rose Gold Crystal Heart Stud Earrings would be a great birthday or anniversary gift if you wanted that special something. You might know by now that I love rose gold things, so I love the finish of these with the small crystals completing the look. My ears are pierced three times in each ear lobe, but these are small enough to wear and still fit my other two sets of earrings in. Being blonde, I find it hard to wear to gold, so silver used to be the only option for earrings. Since rose gold has become more fashionable, it adds a touch of colour which can be worn with anything.

Looking at the Angelic Rhodium Crystal Bracelet, it is a very pretty and elegant design. I think it sums up Swarovski very well and represents the brand beautifully. I'd definitely save this as a special occasion piece as it stands really well by itself and doesn't need other pieces to compliment it. With the simple design of the bracelet, it would suit anyone in my opinion. I think it adds that touch of glamour to your outfit and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is which is never a bad thing. 

Joshua James Jewellery also stock a number of well know brands, such as Thomas Sabo, Michael Kors, Nomination and more. I was really impressed by the range they offer and they delivered quickly. From the communication I had with them, they seem to take really good care of their customers. They are definitely going to be my first choice when buying jewellery in the future and I'm really pleased with the pieces and the brand. You couldn't ask for more.

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