This 3-in-1 Pro Sculpting Pen (£18.50)* from Make Up For Ever is one of their products designed to "take contouring to the next level". There is only three simple steps to follow to for this pen to contour and sculpt your brows. Step 1 is to use the slanted edge to colour and define the brows which gives you freedom to do these how you prefer. Step 2 uses the brush to comb and sculpt your brows into the shape you are happy with. Finally, Step 3 is uses the sponge tip highlighter which is used to add natural light to achieve the perfectly sculpted brow that every girl wants.

I'm sure most of you have spent ages trying to get your brows right and especially if you're blonde, you'll understand the struggle. My brows are close to invisible and I aside from the arch, I have to draw on the whole shape of them as they're sparse and so light you can't actually see a clear shape. The slanted edge makes it much easier to apply as you can hold the pen at a more natural angle so you get to apply in a smoother motion. I apply light brush strokes to create the illusion of fuller brows and the texture isn't too oily (like a crayon) and it's a dream to apply.

Having a spoolie brush attached to the end is a lot more convenient as I don't have to root through my brush pot to find one. I can also see it being really useful for taking away with you as it means you will have everything you need in one handy item. The brush is the same size as a standard brow brush or spoolie which means you don't have to compromise on size. Having a multipurpose product is always going to be a winner for me because when you're travelling it's a pain to narrow down all of your makeup and brushes into one (or three for me...) makeup bags. The Pro Sculpting Brow Pen is one of those amazing items that you can take everywhere with you.

The sponge tip highlighter is great for making the brows look that bit more defined. Once I've filled in my brows and I'm happy with how they look, I finish them off with a tinted brow gel for a bit more definition. They look good but there is something missing - a bit of light. Using the tip of the highlighting sponge, I lightly apply it on the brow bone directly below my brows to really bring them out. Brows define the face in my opinion so making them look perfect is vital. It's more of a powder product and is great for any skin type or colour.

Overall, I found it easy to use and really liked the 3-in-1 design so that you have everything you need to achieve brows that you are happy with. I think for the price, it's really good value for money and it will work out much cheaper than buying each item separately. Although this is only the second Make Up For Ever product I've tried, I'm so impressed with the brand that I'll be reviewing a few more of their products here in the future. Head to Precious About Makeup for more MUFE products and more!

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