I seem to be on Pinterest nearly every day and come across so many things I love for my future home. I've got my own Home Inspiration board and love adding things to this so that when it comes to getting a house I will have all the ideas already planned out to make kitting out my future house easier. I'm particularly looking forward to decorating the walls with photos and prints and I have a particular weakness for pretty things. I'd like to have a few different styles throughout the house and thought I'd put a few ideas out there about 5 different ways you can display pictures in your home. 


These are great to use if you want to bring a picture to life as they will stand further out from the wall, so if you have a high quality photo they can look really impressive on a canvas as they can really draw your attention to it. You can buy canvases in a range of sizes and get any type of photos printed onto them. My Dad has actually painted on a canvas before and it's the main feature above his Mother's fireplace and everyone comments on it as it really stands out and looks so expensive.


These photos will give a more retro look to them so when a normal photo wouldn't be anything special, a polaroid would come out really well. You have a few different options for displaying them too as you can hand them up with little pegs, often connected to a few others on some string. This means you can display multiple pictures in a cute and pretty way. As polaroids tend to be smaller it means you can attach them to areas you wouldn't normally think of, such as the edge of your shelves or could even be made into coasters with a little bit of DIY. I'm actually started my own polaroid hanging using my Fujifilm Instax that I picked up whilst I was in LA.

Gallery Wall

I think these look really interesting and give you more freedom as to what you want on the wall. You can have a variety of frame sizes and colours to mix it up so you end up with a really unique photo wall. It's also where you can have a mix between prints and photos and you can put your own stamp on it to give your home that personal feel. The great thing about a gallery wall is that because you arrange the frames in no particular order, you can keep adding new ones as you wish. I have already planned out some of the photos I'll be displaying for my own gallery wall when I next move home and is a lot more interesting than hanging one photo or a mirror for example.


This are perfect if you can't decide which photos you want to display and want it include them all. There is no end to what ti include in a collage, it could be your favourite photos from a party or event or could be a collection of photos over the years. Prints could work well here too if you want to match it to a theme or colour within the room. This is especially useful for upcoming uni students who want to create a collage of their friends and family at home, and to make new memories for the future.

Standard Photo Frames 

Don't forget about using the good old photo frames as they offer more than you might realise, don't think that they have to be boring. You can buy a collection of photo frames that are already joined together which would be good for having a group of family photos in for example. You might also want to buy some plain frames and decorate them to your own preference; check Pinterest out for some ideas. Places such as Paperchase will sell really pretty frames if you wanted something more like this, I know I've already eyed up about half their collection already. Another bonus when using photo frames is that you can switch up the photo whenever you fancy a change.

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for displaying pictures in your home (sorry if you are now full of ideas you just have to try now.) I've taken so many photos over the years and have had mixed experiences when printing them out and it's so frustrating. I have tried going into photo shops to transfer my photos and get them printed, but this requires making a trip out just to get the photos you want. I moved onto ordering online as it seemed much easier as you could just upload them and a few days later they would arrive. I did start to discover issues with this as the photos would come back cropped and sometimes this would miss out a key part of the photo which meant it was pretty useless. Having my phone on me all the time means I often capture moments on it so have a nice collection to scroll through. Being able to print at home directly from my phone would make things so much easier and mean I could get the exact photos just how I want them. This is where the HP Printer comes in which does just that, if you want to find out more have a look at the video below.

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