When I first saw these makeup brushes advertised online a fair few months ago I had no idea what to think of them. Obviously there were the ones made by Artist originally but I had never heard of them before the hype about this style of brush came out. No matter what brand or Amazon knock off (like these ones) I think I'll always have doubts compared to my Beauty Blender or beloved XOBeauty brushes. When I was gathering the pieces for my Flower Crown DIY I spotted this set of 4 brushes for under £2 and I didn't have anything to lose. I had no idea what they were made of, no idea if they would even come in one piece as they were being shipped from China and whether they'd even help apply liquid makeup at all.

It was safe to say my doubts were as expected, as it takes a lot for me to trust something that I'll be applying my base makeup with. There are 4 brushes in this set and to be honest, only the big brush is worth it. I've used the two smallest brushes underneath my eyes and they were so flimsy it was completely pointless and I had to go back in with my Beauty Blender to fix the streaky lines. The second largest is flimsy too considering the handles are made from plastic and aren't strong enough to allow you to blend quickly and precisely. The largest brush is actually quite good for blending in liquid foundation and takes around the same time as using a normal brush but again I was left feeling like I was going to snap the handle off. 

What can you expect from brushes worth less than a sharing block of Dairy Milk? I'm glad I tried the brushes since I was quite stuck in my routine and really needed a change, and I can't say I'll be purchasing the multiple hundred pound Artist equivalents anytime soon. Maybe I'll stick to my Beauty Blender until a decent cheaper set come out.

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